Pepicelli’s has some amazing desserts like our homemade cinnamon rolls, if your a cheesecake fan give our OMG Cheesecake a whirl. If you like the crunchy edges of a funnel cake, you may want to try our funnel cake fries. And for the cookie lover, we offer an 8″ chocolate chip cookie. And don’t worry we have not forgotten the classic cannoli, sure to please any sweet tooth!

  • Cinnamon Rolls

    • 8pcs $3.99
    • 16pcs $6.99

    Made fresh in-store from our pizza dough, rolled out with cinnamon sugar, dressed with butter and glaze.

  • Cannoli

    • Regular $3.79
  • Funnel Cake Fries

    • $3.99

    Delicious funnel cake, but shaped like french fries.... with powdered sugar.

  • OMG Cheesecake

    • $6.29

    New York City cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla shell, fried, then sprinkled with cinnamon maple sugar

  • 8" Chocolate Chip Cookie - A Big Cookie

    • $7.99
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