Pepicelli’s does Delivery


Did you know Pepicelli’s Pizza offers the largest delivery area in Ashland. We use a 7 mile radius with some exception. Our zone1 (3 miles), zone 2 (6 Miles)  and zone 3 (7 Miles & more) customers. We are the only Pizza place in Ashland to service the customer all year at the Doswell, VA hotels. With support for our Mechanicsville, VA neighbors as well.

We strive to deliver your orders in 45 minutes or less, obviously we have moments when we are busier, we peak out daily for deliveries between 5pm and 7pm but are usually adequately  staffed to handle the rush hour.

Special Delivery

If you are outside of our normal service areas there are always exception during non peak hours and for large catering type of orders. Just contact our store at 804-798-3005 or via email at for additional information.

Delivery Status: We are operating normally today!

Our individual menus can be found here: Pizza’s, Specialty Pizza’s, Subs, Chicken & Wings, Salads. Breadsides, From the Fryer, Gyros, Pepi’s Pasta, Desserts, Beverages

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